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Dictator review

I didn’t laugh anywhere near as much as I wanted to, but it’s still insane fun.

Most of the best moments are in the trailer, and the awesome publicity tour set a high bar which it didn’t quite reach.

It’s not in the edgy improv-style of Bruno and Borat (it’s actually a romantic comedy), and even if you’re not familiar with real life tyrannical leaders like Kim Jong-Il, you should still find the humour in Cohen’s General Aladeen. Read this Kim Jong-Il ‘facts’ piece (penned by yours truly) before you go in to get a flavour of what kind of ridiculousness Cohen had for inspiration.

Worth it for: The sharp satire of  recent events like the death of Kim Jong-Il and Gadaffi.

In one bite: Outrageous and offensive, as promised.


The number of funny moments that aren't in the trailer

16. May 2012 by Coby
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