Prometheus review

Ridley Scott delivers a stunning, contemporary sci-fi adventure with this one-time and would-be prequel to Alien.

There are plot flaws but you have to dig a little to find them. Provided you’re happy to just go with it, you won’t be disappointed. The end is a touch hollow, but it’s forgivable because it’s a damn thrilling journey.

Worth it for: Top notch special effects. I needed a moment to regather after one intense scene.

Who should see this: Any sci-fi fan especially if you dig Scott’s Alien. Must see on a big screen in 3D.

In one bite: Critics are divided, but you won’t be.


Richard Wilkins pushed in front of me to collect his phone after the screening. His ticket number? 666. Confirming what I knew all along: that he is, in fact, the devil.

Michael Fassbender will rock your world.

07. June 2012 by Coby
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  1. True… surprised R.Scott let the editors get away with such dodgy stuff… I think there must be a directors cut in the works… great film

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