Friends With Kids review

Thought-provoking, entertaining and a completely new take on modern-day romance and parenting, Friends With Kids is nowhere near as contrived as you might expect.

Expecting parents can learn far more from this than What To Expect When You’re Expecting, which was just pathetic in comparison.

When you leave the movie, you’ll be asking “who the hell is that main chick?” I’ve saved you time by answering this beforehand: It’s the fairly unknown Jennifer Westfeldt of Judging Amy and Kissing Jessica Stein fame. She also wrote and directed the movie. You’re welcome.

Worth it for: The ensemble cast. The couples are believable.

Who should see this: Couples with or without kids. Perfect date movie.

In a bite: A sharp drama-romcom that the guys might even like.


Alright y'all, who farted?

07. June 2012 by Coby
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