The Lucky One review

Even Taylor and Zac don't seem convinced.

As long as you don’t see it, you will be the lucky one.

There’s not enough time to meet the characters, so the love story is hard to buy into. And, although ge grew more handsome by the second, Zac Efron is not believable as a returning war veteran. Taylor Schilling seems schizophrenic. Blythe Danner is ok – but only because she’s Gwyneth’s mum.

The pace of the film doesn’t seem right, and the editing is – for the most part – sloppy. Even the most forgiving romantics won’t buy this.

Worth it for: The ‘sloppy’ editing makes for a hilarious sequence that shows the bottom of Beth’s skirt dripping just after a moment of passion. You’ll know exactly what I mean when you see it.

Verdict: Don’t even bother with the DVD.


17. April 2012 by Coby
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